• Information Technology Services

    Quality. Efficiency. Within Budget.

    Legion Corp is a leading provider of information technology services to both government and commercial clients. Our team of both cleared and uncleared experts provides cyber security, cloud integration, configuration management, virtualization, software development, network support and more.
  • Security & Intelligence

    Experienced. Dedicated. Cleared.

    Legion Corp brings nationally recognized experts for both security and intelligence programs for federal and military agencies as well as state/local governments. Services include CBRNE, Counterterrorism, Vulnerability Assessments, Analysis and more
  • Programmatic Support

    Innovative. Strategic. Excellence.

    Legion Corp provides a full range of program management and support capabilities for federal, state, and local governments. Services include administrative support, budget support, strategic planning, training, outreach, logistics and linguistics.
  • We Are Legion Corp

    Expect More. Get More. Period.

    Legion corp was founded on the principle that we can do it better more effectively and more efficiently than anyone else. Our quality oversight, experienced management team and dedicated personnel means our clients will get the great quality service they expect. Legion Corp. Expect More. Get More. Period.

The Legion Difference

Legion Corp has more than 55 years of combined experience through its principal partners in providing services and support to government and industry. Legion’s philosophy incorporates a commitment to excel with experienced professionals that provide unparalled customer service.  We value the contribution and individuality of every employee, consultant and teaming partner.  Each of those stakeholders is carefully selected to ensure they support Legion’s business goals and reflect the company’s core values. Our company’s core values are: Integrity, Excellence, Quality and Achievement.

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Delivering Quality Results

Legion Corp brings a talented team of security, technology and management personnel to deliver proven knowledge and skills in effective management and support services.  Legion hires the best personnel for each project with the right technical expertise. We have access to more than 10,000 cleared professionals within our network, enabling our clients the ability to get the right personnel for the project.  We are able to effectively recruit and retain quality personnel and we understand we need to take care of not only our customers, but also our employees and we provide a commitment to delivering quality support.

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Information Technology

Legion brings experienced IT support staff to our clients projects.  Our team of experts can support a number of different requirements and bring certifications such as CISSP, ITIL, PMP and more.

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Security & Intelligence

Legion brings cleared security and intelligence professionals to support government and military clients.  Our team provides a range of experience including CBRN, counterintelligence and more.

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Programmatic Support

Legion has a number of project management and support professionals readily available to our clients.  Our team tailors the right programmatic solutions for our customers at the right price.

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Media & Communications

Legion brings both cleared and uncleared communications experts to our clients.  Our team of experts provides graphic design, website development and other needs for both federal and local governments.

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Legion Corp is proud to foster a work environment that encourages technical creativity and career growth, bringing fresh innovative ideas to our clients. Legion welcomes problem-solvers and collaborators.  We are always looking for the brightest people, both cleared and uncleared. Join Legion Corp to help make our communities, our nation and our world a better place.

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